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My passion is for you to feel great in your body. I offer professional, personalized service & multiple treatment options through the healing power of touch.

Renew body, mind & spirit for
your journey.
South East Denver Colorado Massage Therapist


The Rocky Mountain Ortho-Bionomy® Center offers courses in the philosophy, theory and applied techniques of Ortho-Bionomy.

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Are we a good fit? Why come to me for bodywork?

Consistency: If we're a good fit, you know what you're getting! And having the same massage therapist does not mean you always have to get the same massage!

Real Time: One hour is 60 minutes. Most massage clinics have a 50 minute "hour", where you learn to:

  • Get stark naked in record time;
  • "Leap" off the table after your session;
  •  Have little/no time to visit with your therapist about self care.

In the 10 minutes between clients, your therapist must wash, change sheets, chart notes, discuss your session, escort you out, greet the next client, race to the bathroom, & inhale a water, lunch...or nothing - there's no time.

I can't do this and maintain my well being as your massage therapist, or model well being for you. I want to bring you the best I have to give.

Is the 50 minute "hour" right for you?

Real money

  • One hour (60 minutes) is $70.00. Buy a "6 pack" for $60.00 a session.

  • Those ten minutes you lose in a 50 minute "hour"? Add them up. Five full hour massages with me and you've had 50 more minutes. One "free" massage.

  • I make many of my lotions, and use products without artificial ingredients, preservatives or parabens. Or bring your favorite lotion or oil. I use linaments and essential oils at no additional charge.

  • Gratuities are appreciated, not assumed. I appreciate you on my table!

Need More Reasons?

  • Less pain, better sleep, less stress, greater peace.
  • Packages can be shared with family & friends.
  • Gift certificates revert to the buyer if unused.
  • No memberships. No automatic monthly deductions. 
You never lose money, or massages.


When to call before scheduling; when NOT to get a massage

  • If you have a chronic, serious or contagious medical condition I require a doctor’s authorization.
  • If there's a recent injury or tissue is inflamed, contact me.
  • If you are, or could be pregnant, massage is safe & supportive.  Yet over 90% of miscarriages occur during the 1st trimester, with no identifiable cause. Miscarriage could happen after massage, with NO relationship between the two events.  If this is your 1st pregnancy, if you've had a miscarriage, or difficult pregnancies, we need to have a conversation. I may require a doctor's authorization.
  • Alcohol & Drugs:  Never come to a session if you’ve been drinking, or using "recreational" drugs including marijuana. Some prescription drugs contraindicate massage.
  • Therapeutic massage NEVER includes genitals, "releases", the "full body", or sex.
  • Imagine your MD, chiropractor, dentist or health care professional working with you while they are naked, half naked or in lingerie.
  • Would YOU go to work in nothing but underwear that showed everything? 
  • If this is what you want, look elsewhere.


10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
8:30 AM - 2 PM Saturdays
Closed Sundays

Call 720-284-4009or follow the link to book an appointment on line.

Located near Hampden & Yosemite, I-225 & Parker.